Diamond Nails

Published on June 26, 2012, by in Glitter Nails.

Diamond nail designs are among the most popular nail designs because they look amazing and dazzle in the sunlight. Also, who doesn’t love diamonds? There are several different ways that you can do these, so hopefully this article will give you some great ideas if you are interested. Take a few seconds to look over the images and video on this page and then pick out which one you like the best and let us know and/or try them out for yourself!

This is my all time favorite one. Just look how they sparkle like that, it is so amazing. Here is how to do this one:

  1. Apply silver nail polish to all finger nails.
  2. Attach small sparkling gems to each nail like in the picture.
  3. Make sure the diamonds line up correctly or it won’t look right.
  4. Wait for them to dry!

Here is a really cool gold diamond and leopard nail design. I love how two of the fingers are gold with gems on it and the others have more of a silver and gold leopard print on them. This gives the overall feel of them a really cool and unique look.:

Here is a black diamond nail design. I think it would be cool if the actual diamonds were black, but this one is black nail polish with shiny diamonds on them. It looks like the ring finger has 3d gems on it and the other nails were just done with polish. These look awesome and I would love having these on my own nails!

Here are a few great videos and tutorials on how to do diamond nails. This is a great and very informative Youtube video. It will give you an exact step by step guide on diamond finger nails.

Diamonds are one of the coolest things on earth. They are extremely rare and they last forever. We don’t recommend using actual diamonds in your finger nail designs because they can easily fall off and become lost. We recommend checking out an arts and crafts store and finding some very tiny plastic gems that you can use for these designs. That is what usually works best. You can also try out different colors and different arrangements on your nails. It is always fun to experiment with the kind of design and layout, so have fun with them. Let us know what you think of the ones on this page and feel free to send in your own if you decide to make your own!

Thanks for checking out these amazing sparkling nails! If you would like to add your own nail designs to this site, just send us an email and we will do our best to add it to our site. If you like the nails on this site, feel free to share it with your friends online on your favorite social networks. You may also want to check out our glitter nail designs as well as this cool white and diamond glitter nail design. Thanks again for reading and checking out our site!


Ulta Coupons

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Ulta is one of my favorite places to go shopping for nail polish. So I thought I would be together a quick list of really good Ulta coupons for readers of this blog to use. Hopefully it will save you some money if you shop their regularly or if you are looking to buy some new nail products. Here are the coupons:

Ulta Beauty stores sell a wide range of beauty products including makeup, fragrance, skincare, bath and body, haircare, and more. Click here to check out their extensive nail polish section of their website. If you have never been to an Ulta store before or aren’t sure where the closest one to you is, you can use their store locator to find one close to you.

In today’s economy, it is so extremely important to save as much money as possible. The best way that I know how to do that is to use coupons like this. I usually search around online quite a lot to find the latest and greatest coupons before I go shopping. Getting your nails done is a great thing, but not when a few days later when you realize that you spent too much money on nail polish or getting them professionally done. So, I always shop around and know what I’m willing to spend before I go. Using coupons like this for Ulta saves me so much money on nail polish it isn’t even funny.

I also like to use up all of my old nail polish too before going out and buying more. I know it’s kind of a bore to use the same colors over and over again, but to me it isn’t that big of a deal and it saves me a lot of money over the long term. Once I have used up all of my old nail polish, I get my Ulta coupons and then go to their store to get a few new colors that I really want. I have found that this is usually the best way to save money when shopping for nail polish or other related products.

I do the same thing basically with all of my other shopping. I make sure to get free samples too to try things out if I’m not sure I will like them. Hopefully this article will give you some insight into how I like to save a few bucks and that it will help you out as well!

Thanks so much for visiting our website to check out awesome nail designs and these great Ulta coupons. We hope that these coupons will help you out in saving money the next time you make a purchase at Ulta. Thanks again for reading and if you have any questions or comments, feel free let us know. Also, if you would like to submit your own nail designs to this site, just send us an email and we will do our best to put them up on the site.


Penguin Nails

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I love these penguin nails, they are so awesome. Check out these great pictures and the how to video below. The light blue background on these are really amazing. I love the color and I also like how the penguin design is only on two of the nails. Very cool and very unique! The best part of the design in this one is the colors. I absolutely love that light blue color. The light blue also goes extremely well together with the white penguins. The design of the penguins are also nice and simple, so this design should be very easy too pull off. Here is a quick overview on how to do them if you are interested:

  • Apply any light blue nail polish over the entire nail.
  • Fill in most of the nail, but leave a small light blue border around the outside of the nail (except the tips) with white nail polish. Check out the picture if you are a little confused.
  • Use a light orange color to create the nose and two feet
  • Use two small black dots as the eyes.
  • Also make sure that you allow time for each layer to dry before apply the next layer.

penguin nails

Here is a slightly different penguin nail art. The blue background is a little darker and the penguins are on each nail. The colors in this design are much more vibrant, very nice! They also took the time to make a penguin on each nail, which is neat. I personally don’t think I would have the time and patience to draw an almost identical penguin on each nail, so I kind of like the first image slightly more. Plus I think it does get a little repetitive to have that many penguins on the ends of your fingers, but “to each her own”!

penguin nail art

Here is an excellent video tutorial on how to do penguin nails. It first goes over the materials that you will need, and then shows exactly how to create the design on the fingernail. It starts out with a dried blue color and painting on the white portion. Next, a fine tip is used to apply two black dots for the eyes. And then a special brush is used to apply the orange nose and little feet. This design is a little tricky, so it may take a time or two to get down just right! Good luck if you plan on trying them out! Be sure to send us some pictures of yours or post them online so that we can see.

Penguins are one of my all time favorite animals. They are so small and cute and I just love them so much! This is why I decided to write up this article about how people are making really cool penguin finger nail designs. Hopefully the video and images on this page have given you some really good ideas. Having cute little penguins on your fingernails is so cool and unique, everybody will love them! Trust me, if you do these before going to a party or something, everybody will be talking about them!

Thanks for checking out these amazing penguin nails. You may also be interested in panda nails or hello kitty nails.


Water Marble Nails

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Water marble nails are a very unique kind of nail design. Check out the awesome water marble nail pictures below and also be sure to watch the video at the bottom on how to do them. These are a little complicated to do, but they really look amazing and unique. Hopefully the video tutorial will help a lot of people to pull these amazing nails off!

Here is one of my favorites, it is green, pink, and white water marble nails. I love the flow of the design in these so much, they are really incredible. If these aren’t your favorite colors, don’t worry. There are a few other different colored ones below and you can easily change the colors that go into these.

This one is purple, blue, and pink water marble nails. The design on some of these nails are incredible. I especially like the thumb, index finger, and middle finger nail designs. The ring finger one I think could use a little more color and the pinky one is a little crazy, but that is just how these designs turn out sometimes. They can’t all be works of art, they are so random that sometimes you get something incredible and sometimes you get something a little too crazy or not enough of all the colors.

These ones are more of a rainbow design. These turned out really well and look great. Each nail shown here seems to have a totally different pattern which is great. I think I like the pattern on the far left the most though, it looks so awesome!

Here is an excellent video tutorial on how to do water marble nails. Like I said earlier, these are a little complicated to pull off. So you really need to watch this video, and preferable other ones on Youtube as well to get a good idea on how to do them properly.

The basic steps to creating this design shown in the video are:

  1. Tap of your finger nails (so don’t get the polish on your skin)
  2. Start off with a white base coat nail polish on your nail
  3. Add drops of different colored nail polish into a bowl of water
  4. Use a small brush or point to make streaks in the water and polish
  5. Dip your finger into the polish. Do this so that your fingernail is the first thing to hit the polish and water.
  6. Leave your finger still for 20 seconds.
  7. Use a toothpick or similar item to grab the excess polish off the top of the water.
  8. Remove finger and check out the cool design!

Thanks for checking out these great water marble nails. Hopefully they gave you some good ideas and colors to use. If you decide to try them out for yourself, then I wish you good luck! I haven’t been brave enough to try these out yet for myself, but they definitely look stunning. If you decide to try them out, feel free to let me know or post pictures online showing them off!


Galaxy Nails

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Here are some excellent galaxy nails and galaxy nail designs. Check out some of the images below and then there is also a video on how to do galaxy nails at the bottom if you are interested in doing your own! Galaxy nails are extremely cool because they are so unique and they are usually extremely detailed. They are supposed to include things like outer space, stars, and star dust. If it done correctly, they look outstanding. Make sure you check out the video at the end if you want to try these out for yourself.

galaxy nails

Here is a slightly different one that looks equally stunning. These would be great to do for a wedding or something, they are so amazing. I love the blue color in these so much and the design is so cool that I could almost look into them for hours!

Galaxy nails

Here is a video tutorial on how to do galaxy nails. All you need to pull off this amazing design is nail polish, a makeup sponge, and a toothpick. Here is the basic overview on how to do it according to the video:

  1. Paint your nails all black
  2. Rip off a piece of the makeup sponge and use it to dab on white nail polish. Don’t use a lot of polish for this step. Create a design for the galaxy.
  3. Do the same thing with yellow nail polish over the white nail polish, but more toward the middle of the white part.
  4. Next do the same with pink nail polish.
  5. Sponge on dark blue nail polish around the edges of the design. This will fade into the black background.
  6. Clean up around your nails with polish remover
  7. Using a toothpick, make white stars all around on your finger nail.
  8. Add a few larger stars and/or use glitter polish to make even more stars.
  9. Add a top coat to finish it off!

Also feel free to experiment with different colors, sizes, and designs. Be creative! The designs in the video are very realistic, whereas the blue ones above are more abstract. I really like both of them, but some may like one more than the other. This is why it is a great idea to experiment with different colors and designs. Also notice how she uses a different galaxy design on each nail, this is really neat too. Another great idea is to look at images of galaxies online for ideas. These images online can be a great inspiration. Just find a few that you really like and then try to recreate them on your nails! This could be an extremely fun and enjoyable experience.

Thanks so much for checking out these great galaxy nail designs. If you decide to try out this design, feel free to let us know how it went. Also feel free to send us pictures of them or post them online, we would love to see how they turn out! You may also want to check out our water marble nails page which is extremely cool too!

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