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Candy Cane Nails

Published on May 2, 2012, by in Designs.

Want candy cane nails? Check out these awesome pictures of candy cane finger nail designs. Also be sure to check out the video tutorial below on how to do candy cane nails. These would be great for around the holiday season. I really like how the candy cane pattern is just on the tips and not on the entire nail. I also love the glitter that goes over top of them, this gives them a great sparkly look.

candy cane nails

There are a few different ways that you can do them. As you will notice, in the picture above the design is just on the nail tips. But you can also do the entire nail. It is totally up to you in how you do it. Also notice how in the image above, there are some stripes that are much thicker than other stripes. Some candy canes have this design and some don’t. I really like having the different sized lines though and they look amazing!

Here is a great candy cane nails tutorial.

  1. Start off with a red base coat
  2. Use a white striper to create two thin white diagonal lines right next to each other.
  3. After these two lines are complete, skip a large space and then do two more white lines right next to each other again.
  4. Continue this pattern for the whole length of your nail.
  5. Add red glitter polish all over your nail
  6. Add a top coat to protect the design

You should definitely experiment with different designs and patterns as well. I really like the design where the candy cane design is just on the tips of the nails. The whole nail looks great too, but I prefer just the tips for some reason. You can also experiment with the thickness of each line and the number of lines. I would keep the lines at a diagonal though, it doesn’t really make sense to make them go straight up or across the nail. You can experiment with different colors too, just don’t get too creative hear. I would recommend trying out pink and white, red and white, and maybe a few other very slight variations, but using crazy colors here likely wouldn’t look good.

These nail designs work great around the holidays. I just love that time of the year and why not enjoy it with some really cool nails like these? If you are going to a Christmas party these would be a great idea. Or maybe you could make them a day or two before Christmas so when you wake up on Christmas you will have them. Either way, I love having these candy cane designs on my nails during the holidays. There are a few other neat holiday nails that I really like as well, but these are definitely one of my favorites.

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