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Published on March 22, 2012, by in Animal Nails.

Cheetah nails are extremely popular and they always look amazing. Check out the pictures and also the video tutorial on how to do cheetah nails below. This first one is really cool because it looks like the base color is gold and then the black cheetah prints are on top of the gold. They look great and I really like these ones.

Here are some really unique colorful cheetah nails. Check out how the color fades as it goes up the nail, very cool! I like how each nail is a different color and that the cheetah design is also on each nail. To do this design, you would first have to start out with a white base, then apply the different colors (green, purple, teal, etc..). For the white base coat it looks like they used Nina Ultra Pro white nail polish. After that then you would apply the cheetah print on top. Lastly you just finish off with a clear top coat to protect everything and make it shine!

Here are some shiny gold cheetah nails. I love these so much. :) These look more like some kind of printed design instead of something that was custom, but it is hard to tell. Either way, they look amazing and they are one of my all time favorite cheetah nail designs. The black and gold go together extremely well. I also like how the tips are all black, that is really cool.

Here is a really well done video tutorial on exactly how to do cheetah nails. Hopefully this will help you out if you want to try these out for yourself. The design in this video is so incredible. The gold is very sparkly and the cheetah prints are both brown and black together, which is amazing. Overall they are my favorite ones in this set of cheetah nails.

  1. Apply 2 base coats of gold nail polish
  2. Put brown nail polish on a piece of scrap paper.
  3. Use a dotting tool to take the brown nail polish from the scrap paper to your nails.
  4. Makes spots of different sizes and shapes on your nail.
  5. Use a very fine brush and black nail polish or paint to create the rest of the cheetah design. (See video for exactly how to do this.)
  6. Wait for it to dry and then add a clear top coat to protect the design and make it shine!
  7. Clean up any excess nail polish around your nails.

These nail designs are also sometimes called leopard nails. The design is very similar, if not exactly the same. So, if you are looking for leopard nails, these are basically the same thing.

Thanks for checking out these amazing cheetah nails on Nail-Design.us! If you decide to try out this design on your nails, let us know how it goes! You can send us a message in the comments below or send us an email. We love seeing new pictures of awesome nail designs, so send us some pictures or post them online and show them off! Thanks again for reading!

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